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We create an “in vitro” idea, we implement it in its performance environment and we observe its development and behavior to be able to analyze and make an evolutionary diagnosis of the results.

Our mission is to develop innovative formulas and develop tailor-made solutions for the Shopper Marketing actions.

We are a team of restless professionals with a collaborative spirit that provide, from their discipline, the best techniques to offer the formula that responds to the specific needs of each client.

We are always open to our environment and with a continuous learning attitude, our objective is to generate sales in all activities we carry out.

Shopper Consulting

Buyers Analysis by Channel/Segment
All-inclusive integration
Shopper Marketing Coach

Shopper Strategy & Creativity

Key Visual & Toolkits
Promotions & Activations
Experiential Marketing
Visual Merchandising

Shopper Technology

Innovation applied to the Point of Puchase
Shopper Design Experience
Shopper Mobile Apps

Production ON/OFF

All-inclusive development & Implementation


    Change is part of our lives, species evolve to survive.


    We are what we are and we do what we do.


    The union makes the force, your project is our.


    The future begins in the present.


    Chaos needs order. We simplify the complexity.


    Understand and attend, we are people who give service to people.


    Everything is posible.

mr wolf lab

Our method has been inspired by the Point of Purchase. The Shopper is in continuous evolution, related in an enviroment without barriers, the so calles Omnichannel. This coexistence is in continuous evolution and as we believe that it will end up being the “I’m purchase”, wich is the perfect unión of all the variables of an instant of purchase, we are in continuous process of creating innovative Shopper formulas to actívate them, since every day they become more immune to the stimulation.

We analyse and evaluate all the data (tangible and intangible) everything counts when looking for a solution. We introduce the ingredients into our test tuve, mix and filter them until we extract the luminiscent essence that makes the strategy glow.

We carry out tests in a wide range of spaces (traditional and non-traditional) looking for creativity to neutralise the essence of the problema and we analyse the results obtained, looking for the weaknesses and stregths of our formula to improve our efectiveness.

We are an achive part of our customer’s team. We listen carefully to their needs and internalize the problema, market situation and Brand.

The collaboration, the transparency and the agility of the shared process allows us to work quikcly and effectively, allowing us to isolate in the precipitation ressels, the problems to observe their behaviour.

Contact us if you need a laboratory to innovate your strategy!


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